Saturday, November 27, 2010


run run run

Sometimes I have such trouble concentrating on one thing.  I often have five projects in my head and none of them related and seldomly do they come to fruition or if they are started they are hardly ever finished.  It's so difficult for me to be consistent.  Sometimes I see this as a positive thing but then when I wish to present someone with a body of work it's more like a huge messy scrapbook than any consistent thought.  How do people hone in on one thing?  How can you keep yourself for the excitement of a new thing?! As a person who is passionate and serious about photography (as seriously as a person that doesn't regard seriousness as anything important can be) I find it incredibly difficult to say just one thing one way.  There are so many ways and so much to say.

Mind, be still. Be still.


  1. first, i just found you this minute and am very glad i did. one of those blog from a blog from a blog finds or something, can't name how. your train of thought left me giggling a bit. that kind of passion is rare and i love that there are others that share it. i have found that shooting film in general has helped me slow down. but then, photography for me has often been about being still and waiting, and really focusing, so to speak. it's almost like some form or prayer for me.

    anyway. good luck. i think chaos can be a beautiful thing.

    and i love love love your work.

  2. Hello there. Thank you for the lovely posts throughout my entries! I really appreciate the feedback and your candidness! I think chaos can be absolutely beautiful if presented- I have such a hard time organizing to present! HA.