Sunday, March 27, 2011


Christopher and his beloved

Y'all. The Impossible Project has struck instant film gold with their newest stuff- PX 680. Get your freaking hands on some if you can because it is the goods. You can see a few more that I've taken here. I have two more packs and will be working on more images this week so long as the sunshine continues to shine in Chicago. Please and thank you.

I found out yesterday that a few Polaroids I took will be exhibiting in Paris, FRANCE! Oh how I wish I could go see them there. I am so elated. If you live in France or will be there on a trip - stop by and send me some pictures of my stuff hanging out!

Although this weekend has been very productive it's also been laid back and relaxing. Don't you love those kind of weekends? I hope you are all having wonderful days. Enjoying some sunshine and maybe a bunny or two.



  1. how damn exciting is this news?! fabulous. i wish i were in Paris to see your work hanging out :O) i can't imagine how stoked you must be.

  2. wow!!!! is it just a one day exhibition? i will really try to make it and take some photos for you!!

  3. Thank you for sharing in my excitement Kitchu! I AM super stoked!

    Elisabelle- I would be elated if you could drop by and snap a photo or two! Here is some info from their Facebook page!

  4. a. this shot is awesome.
    b. i cannot wait to get my paws on some PX680.
    c. PARIS?!!? congrats!!!!