Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Wife and Husband

A scatter brained post from the road. I am glad that I came out on tour with Christopher. I am the merch person and part time driver. I love driving. I don't do it enough in Chicago so I get my fill when we go out on tour. See also: Chik Fil A, Cracker Barrel, ALL KINDS OF SWEET TEA, friends near and far, SUNSHINE, picture taking and a lot of listening to Sunny Day and Ryan Adams. Don't judge me. Please.

Being "on the road" (I hate the way that sounds but it is what it is) is inspiring. Seeing new things. Meeting new people. Seeing how strange and different each town is. It makes me keep my camera in hand and I like that. It is also amazing to partake in the hospitality of strangers. It is hope inspiring.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can make it out West this year. I've been up and down the East coast several times but have barely touched on the West side of the States.

February, gone already. February was a strange month. The things that ring out in my mind is the loss of Peter and a sigh of relief when my mom was able to move ever closer to us. Both things happened on the same day actually.

I have high hopes for March. A visit with some friends on this tour, a quick trip to The Impossible Project, an exciting new purchase/investment (I'll tell ya once I have it!), meeting some internet friends and warmth. Please weather gods, send down your spring time angels!

Does anyone know of a way to read my blogger blogroll on an iphone? I can't seem to access all of the blogs I follow via my blogger dashboard on my phone and would like to keep up and post while I'm out. While you're at it, do you know if a portable polaroid scanner exists? I need this to get out of my dreams and into my car. Please and thank you.


  1. I love that photo of you and Chris. How did you do that? Also, please keep updating with photos from your trip:) xo

  2. Awesome photo!

    If you make it to the southwest, you have a place to stay in Santa Fe and the Wiitala Brothers can play a show with my husband's band!

    Have a fun trip!

  3. That is a fantastic photo! I'm so envious of your touring road trip, I don't own a car, so unless a city bus can get me there, I generally don't go on road trips.

    I hope you have a fantastic trip and a great March!

  4. Linn- It's a double exposure. I can show you the trick when you get home! I want to take pictures like this of you and kyle and trevor and hannah.

    Juli- I didn't know your husband played music! Link please! We would really love to travel out West. I should remind Christopher about how fun it would be. Thank you for offering your home to us! If we ever make it out West I will definitely take ya up on it :)

    Ashley - Getting out is so much fun. I love just starring out the window, as long as I'm awake. I have a tendency to fall asleep in moving vehicles! Not having a car is a definite set back - get some friends with a car and at least take one road trip. It'll be an experience for sure! Thank you for your well wishings ! Have a fabulous March as well!

  5. Just found your blog from twitter:) I can't really do long road trips anymore...I think maybe because I've lived in the city for so long. I've kind of forgotten what it's like to be in cars period-lol. But I do miss Cracker Barrel! I haven't been to one in probably 12 or 13 years. Grilled cheese and fries. Yum. Do they still have those little games on the tables?