Thursday, April 14, 2011


Two Headed Chicks

Life happens so quickly sometimes. Funny how some days drag on and others fly by and leave you standing there watching everything happen around you in a blink of an eye. I've wanted to be consistent with doing monthly wrap ups but already it's the middle of April (already?!) and I can barely touch on the things that occurred in March. I need to be more faithful to you dear little blog.

- was still cold.
- brought some worry that was pretty needless.
- found me preparing polaroids for my first 2 exhibitions ever! (Bonjour Pola for you Frenchies and Polaroid Retrospective for you DC folks.)
- brought to my door my polaroids printed in Elle Girl Korea!
- took Christopher, Trevor and I to the East Coast again were many familiar faces were seen.
- was the month that I experienced The Impossible Project's new COLOR film in beta testing- the lovely PX680.
- a busy month filled with photo shoots.
- the sun started peeking out of the doom every now and then so more photos were made.
- the month when I acquired both a Mamiya Universal for film pictures and a Canon 60D for motion pictures (!!)
- brought a new little guy to our rabbit family- Seymour Pig. He is a lovely little gentlemen rabbit.

April has been lovely so far. I went to Florida for Tiffany's wedding and spent a week in sunshine, amongst good friends and rejuvenating. It was a much much needed little vacation. I came home feeling refreshed and inspired. Sometimes you just have to walk away from everything familiar to get some motivation. I feel wonderful. Such a breath of fresh air and a lovely time catching up with literally all of my girlfriends from every part of America. Daniela- you were missed!

I am excited about April. I have new cards in the shop. The weather is finally more spring like here in Chicago so I am anxious to get out camera in hand and take the city by photographic storm. I'm looking forward to days spent at the zoo with Christopher, the prospects of friends visiting and just sunny days and all the glory they bring.

What are you excited about?



  1. How long does it take for Impossible Project film to go into production after beta testing?

  2. I think the more perfected stuff will be out in June. Not entirely sure though. This stuff is awesome. Definitely their best color film so far!

  3. I love your little monthly recaps. They make me smile. :)

    Things I'm excited about are the warmer and more sunny weather that is coming my way this week, hopefully! Going bike and antique shopping this weekend, and for something different, having an engagement shoot before my wedding. It will be strange to be in front of the camera instead of behind it!