Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The marquee photo was shot on The Impossible Projects amazing PX 600 Gold Frame Film

It's the Holidays which are supposed to give everyone warm fuzzy feelings and peppermint breath but instead I always end up feeling stressed out over gift giving and trying to please all our family members. Thankfully for me, music is my escape. I can always count on certain tunes to put a smile on my face.

My favorite of these trusty artists is Ryan Adams. I love how diverse his records are, how wonderfully clever his lyrics are and the great memories I've attached to his songs. Sunday I had the pleasure of heading to the Cadillac Palace Theatre here in Chicago to see him play all my favorite songs solo. It was wonderful! I've seen him once before with his band, The Cardinals but this time he played solo and I loved it so much. Definitely the best Christmas gift Christopher could give me!

Isn't music magical? I love how a song can take you somewhere beautiful. What do you listen to when you need a little pick me up?



  1. So you got to go after all? Did you go with that Craigslist woman-haha-or just buy a ticket?
    I did a post today also about holiday stress and gift-giving, which I actually like...the gift-giving part, not the stress part. :)

  2. The kind of music I listen to for pick me ups usually depends on the kind of pick me ups I need. Currently, it Christmas music, 'cause I love Christmas music so much I start itching for it in November. (I'm possibly a bit crazy in that regard). If I'm really missing my family, I put on Country music, specifically,(and I'm a bit ashamed to say this) Garth Brooks. If I just need to tune out from the world for a bit it's Neko Case, A Fine Frenzy, or The New Pornographers.

  3. totally agree with you about ryan adams. seen him a couple of times before and have tickets for his show in melbourne in march, can't wait!

  4. Mary- I did go! I wish it would have been with the crazy CL lady! I kept trying to peek ahead to the first rows to see if I could see someone who fit her description! Hope you had happy holidays!

    Ash- Those all sound like great get away sounds. I don't ever think of myself as someone who likes country but I like the Dixie Chicks okay and a lot of Ryans music is alt country or whatever. No shame in music taste girl!

    Anna- I like your blog! You will not be disappointed. He puts on a fun show. He's funny, talented and entertaining.