Monday, December 5, 2011


You wanna know who won a pack of The Impossible Projects PX 680 Gold Frame film? It's Leslie Sophia!  I like the Black Frame / White Frame diptychs in her stream. Congrats Leslie!

Thank you for all for sharing your favorites on Flickr! I am going on a favoriting rampage, so much good stuff out there right now!

Do not fret if you didn't win, you can go right here and buy some of your very own Gold Framed instant film. It is perfect for the holidays! 

A big ole THANK YOU to The Impossible Project for generously giving me film to pass along to you. They are such awesome folks!


  1. holy heck ME????
    So flipping excited to try this film out!
    Thank you also for your kind words :)
    Hooray and happy holidays :) :) :)