Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hot hell was I excited when I heard that The Impossible Project was going to carry a reusable flash bar! Although most of my photography is done using available, natural light, there is always an occasion when a little bit of flash comes in handy.

This one is great! It's tiny and light so you can easily throw it in your bag without it weighing you down. The flash is energized by two tiny AAA batteries which are thankfully, easily found. The green light comes on letting you know you put the batteries in the correct way. Once the blue light comes on you're ready to go! So easy. It has three settings- Off, half flash, and full flash. I was shooting some PX100 film in my folding SX-70 camera so I used the full flash setting and got great results.

The first picture I shot of Christopher came out rather dark. I was shooting indoors with the light wheel in the middle. Turning the light wheel all the way light worked wonderfully for the next few shots! The instructions suggest that if you're shooting PX680 or PX600 to use the half flash function.

I can't wait for that new PX70 film to come out so I can take my new flash for a further spin. It's been sunny out the past few days here in Chicago which means it's time to bust out the color films!

A great big thank you to The Impossible Project for always being amazingly generous!! What are you dummies waiting for, get your hands on one while you can.



  1. Sounds awesome. Hate the use of single use flash bulbs, not just because they're rare now but because they seem like such a big waste. :(
    Thank you to impossible project for making this & thank YOU for blogging about it. I have the same camera & will definitely grab this soon. :)

    1. You gotta get one. Now there are very little limits with the SX-70! YAY

  2. Your blog is very sweet and has a great vintage polaroid vibe. Love! :)

    ♥ sécia

  3. I love the Impossible Project. I have packs of old Polaroid film from a friend who's a professional photographer. He worked for Boost Mobil and they gave him a bunch of promo film. If it weren't for that (or at least when it runs out) I'll have to get film from them.

    1. What a great friend you have! The Polaroid 600 stuff is nice but I think the Impossible Project films are in a class of their own. They yield themselves to such beautiful dreamy results! You'll have to try some. If you decide to, my favorite films at the moment are the PX70 and PX100. Let me know if you have any questions! XO