Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Impossible Project's PZ 680 Film

I've been really excited about the Words To Shoot By words so far this year. I had a neat concept for the word "double". To take double exposures of Christopher and his twin brother, Trevor. So meta! The execution could have been better but I only had a few exposures left in my Spectra so above are the results! I think I'm going to try this again. Take a peek at the rest of em. I love a good double exposure!



  1. I love these, Azuree! The first and third are my favorites! Words to shoot by seems like a fun project! How did you get involved with it?

    1. Hello Anne! Thank you! I loved the first one as well. I need to try again and hopefully with better luck!

      I love Words To Shoot By and feel so honored to be a part of it as I'm a big fan of all the contributors! I emailed Steph last year and asked to be a part of it but I believe she's having an open call for it soon!

  2. I kinda dig how they turned out sort of creepy - in a very cool way! I love my Spectra so, but never attempted a double exposure before. Obviously, I need to rectify that soon - is it a pretty simple procedure?
    I've wanted to take part in Words to Shoot By for a while now; it seems like a good creative push!
    p.s. I loved your Blur bunnies. :)

    1. You totally should contribute to Words To Shoot By. I think there's going to be an open submission soon!

      I'm just getting around to giving my Spectra some love and now I'm bummed I didn't pick it up sooner! Here's a video TIP posted with tips on how to go about double exposures- http://blog.the-impossible-project.com/spectra-double-exposure-how-to