Thursday, May 24, 2012


I loved shooting this NIGO PX70 film. Every pack has different colored frames! Can't wait to shoot more!

April was awesome!

- Tulips leapt up from the ground around every corner.
- The dull naked trees got all gussied up for the sun!
- Christopher and I geared up for our move into a duplexed house/apartment
- I fell utterly in love with the movie Drive and it's soundtrack.
- The realization that everyone uses Facebook chat instead of iChat dawned upon me, and so began an obsession.
- The Impossible Project put this awesome Nigo colorful frame film out into the world!
- I took my Spectra for a spin and fell in love (totally in love)
- I went to see Converge play with friends and felt 21 again
- Fun Lomo walks around Lincoln Park Zoo
- Poppin sent me a bunch of colorful and fun office supplies to photograph, just for fun!


  1. Fun! That colored pen shot is so cute.

    1. Thank you! I kind of have a small thing for hearts. And objects.