Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Well the girls at have stolen my heart, yet again. How amazing are these pieces? I mean seriously, these jewels need to be nestled into my mess of curly hair! This one is my very favorite!

I love keeping up with current fashion trends and styles, and although I am attracted to all things bright and glittery, I'm not that bold when it comes to what I'll actually buy and wear. For instance, I pin just about every sequined piece of clothing I see on the internet but I'd never have the courage to wear it. I'm more comfortable buying subtle pieces that I can wear over and over and throughout the different seasons. That is were my love for products come in. Their shiny hearts, golden poms (have you seen these yet?! They are new!!), and neon bows give me that p o p I'm so into. The gold sequined heart has jazzed up many a t shirt and jeans day!

Their pretties always make me feel done up. That and mascara, duh.


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