Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I'm having a restless night so this is one of those rather disjointed here's what I'm thinking about posts!

Do you want to lose a solid five hours of your life? Then check this blog out. I blew my Pinterest up with reblogs off this little guy tonight! Incredible how some people have an eye to compose things like that.

I followed a link on Twitter the other day to this amazing website- FabDotCom. Heard of it? I wasn't too impressed until I saw their amazing sale on Incase products and then I fell in love with this Baggu backpack!  I want one in every color.

I am actually excited about Fall. I love Summer and it's still my very favorite season but Fall is exciting too! I usually just detest Fall because it means Winter is on our heels but this year I've decided to embrace Fall and enjoy it. Plus Fall is Pumpkin Pie season. I've already had two...this week!

And blog, while I'm on here can I tell you some of my goals for October? Okay good, here they are:

- Finish a 2012 Polaroid Calendar for my shop (very nearly finished. I am so excited about this)
- Making a big huge amazing book of photos and paper keepsakes from our travels and adventures.  DON'T YOU DARE CALL IT A SCRAP BOOK! This is something I've been meaning to do all year long. I bought the book and the photo paper so now it's just a matter of sorting through photos to print. The thought of doing this is mostly what has kept me from beginning on my project but I hate the idea of taking pictures to immortalize a moment and then not honoring that act by never looking at the picture again! (Really it's the scanning of film that keeps me behind on this. Tisk Tisk)
- A redesign and massive update to my website. I am excited about this and grateful that my husband is willing to change things up for me once a year.

Those are the ones I'm really focusing on. I am also hoping to exercise a little more and make sure to get out as much as possible before Winter makes me a prisoner to our apartment!

What are your Fall goals friends?


  1. I am so happy for a new polaroid calendar. I've saved all of mine from this year because they are too cute to part with. xo, KCart

  2. I'm finally embracing fall. Partly because I just adore fall fashion. Boots, and sweaters, and scarves, oh my!

    I think my big winter project is going to be updating photo albums with photos and such. But as for fall, I'm trying to enjoy the good weather while it lasts. :)

  3. I just posted about my Fall goals! I made a list. I need to add more to it. YOU have already had two pumpkin pies? Lucky!!!

  4. Kcart! You are so cute!

    Ash- I love Fall clothes too. I think that's a little bit what I'm excited about. Doesn't everyone look so much more elegant in Fall and Winter clothes?

    Rebekka- Hello! Your blog is SO CUTE! I'm going to read some posts now!