Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I'm not a big fan of emotional blogging, especially when it comes to frustrations but I am a big fan of keeping it real so an in effort to keep it real- I am so frustrated today! Nothing big, just a lot of little things that have been annoying or irksome. A few technological frustrations (I love the Lion OS but it's slowed my Macbook Pro down quite a bit) and then feeling overwhelmed with the things I want to get done before going out of town this weekend to shoot a fun wedding in South Carolina!

I find that I take comfort in foods when I'm stressed or sad. I could really go for some pumpkin pie and a soy chai latte! What do you do to make yourself take a deep breath and get back on track? I need suggestions!


Did you see the photo above in The Impossible Project newsletter earlier this month?


  1. Let's see...sometimes I just take a few minutes and do some deep breathing to sort of calm myself down or whatever. I find that it helps keep my anxiety levels down, of course, I am prone to anxiety so I am always working on it!

    Sometimes I get out one of my cameras and take some shots. That usually cheers me up.

    Taking a walk helps too.

    If it is the end of the day, I often have a beer!

    Hope the frustration passes soon!


  2. I like to read when I'm frustrated, especially a good mystery novel. a nice cup of tea usually helps too. Or a game of sudoku. I find that if something makes me slow down and focus on something (like brewing tea or number patterns) then it helps me catch my breath and gather the strength to face what's frustrating me.

    Of course, then there are the time where I just run around like a chicken with my head cut off and I can't even remember how to be calm until someone tells me to slow down and breath.

  3. Tablespoon + nutella = happy. Hoping things turn around for you.

  4. I listen to Eminem's "till I collapse." the intro to the song always helps remind me I am my biggest obstacle.