Monday, February 25, 2013


I love the Spectra camera. I feel like it's the underdog in the Polaroid family of cameras. The SX70 and the Rainbow Box SX70 cameras are the darlings of the family and then there's the odd ball, the Spectra. Well it's time for the Spectra to shine! This camera is awesome! 

The Spectra has a lot of neat features. Two of my favorites are the self timer and the ability to turn the flash on or off. The self timer is great for group shots or self portraits but it's also a way to trick the camera into letting you take double exposures!! 

That's right, in camera double exposures! There are actually two different ways to go about it. The Impossible Project made a great video showing you how to use the self timer to make a double exposure, here's a link. The other way is to compose your shot, press down on the shutter button and do not release it. While you're still holding the shutter button down, close your camera and open it back up. It doesn't automatically eject your film so you can go ahead and compose your second exposure, this time pressing down the shutter button and then releasing it as you would when taking a normal photo. Your film will eject and magically before your eyes you will have a double exposed instant image! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

I also like that you have the option to add a camera strap. There are a few really fun accessories out there for Spectra cameras as well: a remote control, filter sets, and this awesome close up stand. 

So, you might be wondering why I'm bragging on the Spectra, right? It's because the rad folks at The Impossible Project gave me the Spectra pictured above AND some film to giveaway! Who wants her?! You have a few ways of entering: reblog on Tumblr or Tweet a link to the post with the hashtag #xospectra ! There's even a link below this post that will allow you to Tweet directly from Tumblr! I'm picking a winner on March 1st so get to it! 


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