Monday, February 4, 2013


The internet is such an inspiring and overwhelming place. I love it, none the less.

As I was perusing Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs (and thinking about how much time I spend online) I was reminded of a few things I'd like to accomplish sometime. Maybe this year, if I can just pull myself away from the computer and my phone!

- Make a music video. I'd really like to make a very short film one day, but making a music video seems like a good start. This will be challenging for me as I'm not great at coming up with conceptual shoots and I have no knowledge about making videos or movies or editing, soooo we'll see how this goes. 

- Read more! I started reading a book about this time last year that I never finished. One of my life goals is to read through the classics so I've gotta get going!

- Take time to just sit and think. Does that sound ridiculous? I am definitely a very "plugged in" person. If it's not reading blogs it's Twitter. If it's not Twitter it's Instagram. If it's not Instagram it's Pinterest. If it's not Pinterest then it's Facebook. My newest addiction is Vine! Have you guys checked this out yet? It's like Instagram but instead of pictures, 6 seconds of video! My user name is xoazuree on there, what's yours?!

- Scan in all my negatives. I started taking pictures about 14 years ago and most of my picture taking has been on film. I want to see all those images again and do something with them but you can probably understand what a huge undertaking this is! Last year I told myself I should scan one roll of film a day and I'd be done in no time. That was a short lived project, but I should start it up again! 

- Be happy with what I have. I have an affinity for cameras, purses and shoes. I have plenty of all those things and I need to be satisfied with what I have instead of always seeking out new material things. 

- Collaborate with Christopher. As a challenge to both Christopher and I to keep creating I proposed to him he should write a song a week that I make a picture for. He turned that idea around on me and said he'd write a song about a picture I took. Either way, I think this could be a really fun and inspiring project for us both! 

- Produce a series of photos. I have always taken a "photo journalistic" approach with my photography. Taking pictures of things and people as they are and not posing or manipulating them. I think it'd be a fun challenge to come up with a concept and realize it with pictures. Tell a story with a small series of images. Perhaps it'd be easy to start with a lookbook?

- Try Yoga. From everything I see and hear about Yoga, I need it in my life. A time to disconnect. Something positive to do for myself. It looks like it can be so relaxing! 

I find that I accomplish more when I make lists and set due dates for myself. I also do better if I tell others about my aspirations so I figured putting this out into the old internet might help motivate me to actually DO these things! 

What are somethings you'd like to accomplish? 



  1. Azuree, I love this post! This is the perfect time of year to start setting goals..especially since the weather is so bad and we need to keep ourselves active.

  2. These are really great goals! I'm starting a lot of new things this year too. I've just started Yoga and I quite enjoy it. I find it's really good exercises. I think the idea of you and Christopher doing a collaboration is cool. I'd love to do a collaboration with Mike, but we can't seem to decide what form it would take.