Thursday, January 13, 2011


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Everyone seemed to be enjoying 1.11.11.  We all know the REAL special day will be 11.11.11 which also happens to be MY 30th BIRTHDAY!  Now, I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a little weird entering my 30's - I still think of myself as a 25 year old but I'm excited to enter a new decade with a bang!

That being said- I recently came upon these two blog posts which I just loved and inspired me to make a list of 30 things to do before 30!  Here we go...

 1- shoot a roll of film a week
 2- scan in all of my negatives (holy cow)
 3- visit friends in Europe
 4- take the remaining 3 classes I need for my degree
 5- keep learning French
 6- drink less soda
 7- learn to cook a few meals
 8- drink less sugar in coffee and tea
 9- write more letters
10- be better about answering my phone
11- work on two new calendars
12- get a lomo lca (I want one so badly!)
13- blog once a week
14- write in my physical journal more
15- create books with keepsakes from our trips
16- make a phone photo book
17- make a phone photo book for tessa
18- visit new york again (and photograph it well!)
19- portraits of my family in puerto rico
20- go to puerto rico!
21- photograph the houses I lived in in Florida
22- get out to the wonderful Chicago museums more
23- drink more water
24- look people in the eye more during conversations
25- teach our rabbits tricks (it's possible!)
26- visit Mel & Juls in San Francisco
27- explore more neighborhoods
28- display photos in a gallery of some sort
29- take a trip with my mom
30- read a book a month

I realize my ambitions aren't monumental but hopefully I can achieve most of my goals.  I've got ten months to work on it!  Do you have a list like this?



  1. Now that's a list! I did one for my 40th birthday a few months back. You know, I think there's a real power to jotting these things down. Look forward to seeing your updates as you work through the list!

  2. That's an awesome list! I've recently worked on #8 myself, sort of anyway. Rather than adding sugar, I add honey to my tea, it's a lot more natural and honey has so many wonderful health properties. :)

  3. I like your list, you mix really simple goals with more ambitious ones. Best of luck achieving them! I'm about to go heart your photo on flickr, so nice! xx

  4. Oh my...why is that people on the Internet do lists so neatly? I am such a bad planner...but I have a lomo Lca and I can tell you is a lot of fun. Also, having turned 30 already I can tell you this is fun too! Best decade so far.Love your photography, by the way..:-)

  5. I love making lists like this! I did a terrible job of making a 24 before I'm 25 list. They're all too specific. I need to do a better job on my next list :)

    Happy early birthday (mooonnnttthhhsss early!)

  6. Michael: Thank you! I'm excited to see how much (or how little! Hah) of this I can get done!

    Ashley: I have been trying that lately! I actually like tea better with honey now. Just gotta get less sugar in the ole' coffee!

    Andrea: Thank you thank you!

    Mariella: Thank you! What a sweet comment. I think acquiring a Lomo LCA is on the top of my to do list! Haha. I keep finding Flickr streams that tell me I need one! I am excited about turning 30. It does seem like such an exciting decade!

    Kam: Oh, I need to go take a peek at your list! And it's safe to say you're the first to wish me a happy birthday! haha.

  7. i loved turning 30, and 40 was even better ;)

    the only thing on my list for this decade is to "loosen the bone Wilma" (think Fred and Wilma of the Flinstones): to live with my hair down and not so wound up, to let go a bit, and to give entirely of myself without thinking so much of me me me all the time. we are such a selfish people it seems. i am caught up in the world at the moment it seems. Tunisia has taken my heart. and so many tragedies before it. we only get today and i want to live abundantly!

  8. Kitchu- I love your comment and totally resonate with it. I have a really hard time "just relaxing" and that is something I want to work on more, be more easy going and think of others first as well! Here's to us embracing every day and not worrying about the things that are ultimately little so much!