Wednesday, January 26, 2011



Does anyone else get in these ruts where all they can think about are the things that they want? Well, I've found myself in that place. Since I can't very well go on a crazy shopping spree at the moment the best I can do is share my wishlist with you.

- PZ 600 +UV This film makes my heart go pitter patter. I want to try some double exposures on my Spectra camera.
- Lomo LCA I'm always on the look for the perfect pocket camera- this might be it.
- Billingham Super SEXY camera bag.
- Bando I want the sequined heart pin and a few headbands so badly.
- Field Notes I love my Moleskins but these look to be the right size for keeping Polaroids so a switch might be in order.
- Epson V700 I currently have a 4490 but want to scan more frames at a time. Also this scanner reminds me of Flight of the Navigator for some reason.
- An apartment that does not face the "U" of a building so I can experience SUNLIGHT again.
- Doc Marten bag I had something like this in grade school and forever have been on the hunt for something similar again....FOUND IT!

A pretty dorky list isn't it?

I'm thinking of doing a monthly wrap up post- looking back on each month and reflecting on accomplishments, things that happened that made me smile and things to be grateful for. What joys has January brought to your life? While you're at it, what are your latest wants? Maybe I can add it to my list too!


A big thanks to everyone who has purchased cards from my shop! From now until February 4th for each card purchased in my shop I will be sending one to Etsy to hand out to lonely seniors on Valentines Day. The pile to send to Etsy is slowly growing thanks to you guys! You can read more about it here.


  1. If you're talking about the pocket size Field Notes, they also don't fit polaroids :( They are more or less the exact same size as Moleskines. I just carry around an empty film box and pop them in there. Maybe we should create something cute to carry them in?

    I've really been wanting a new purse lately! I just can't find one that's in my price range that is both work appropriate, stylish and functional.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Whitney. The Field Notes are still cute though! That counts for something.

    Creating something cute to carry polaroids and TIP films in sounds like a fantastic idea! I would definitely buy something like that.

    I'm always on the look out for the non existent purse that is large enough to carry a camera in without being too big or deep, with both a shoulder strap and cross body strap that is made of leather, well stitched, has an outside pocket that can be zipped or that has a button to close it and as you can imagine my search goes on. Ha. I did find a Marc Jacobs purse I think would work well but that's well out of my price range :/

  3. Yes, something just like that! The list also needs to include: no gold hardware, no tassles, large zippes, locks or studs and must be gray or black.

  4. Great list! I find myself in that situation sometimes, thinking about nothing but things I want.
    Polaroid holder sounds great! Someone really need to come up with one.

  5. Whitney- TOTALLY! We need to just make a freaking amazing purse for gals to carry the necessities & a camera in that is stylish, functional and affordable. It will also come with some kind of cute holder for polaroids. If only I had any kind of design skillz.

  6. Oh I hear you so much! I've been craving a crazy shopping spree for ages but refuse to allow myself one.
    Ditto on the impossible film, ditto on, and DOUBLE ditto on the apartment. Mine is a basement suite, and while it's awesomely big, in winter the light is horrible and I hate every photo I take in it. Blegh.
    Oh well, I've survived so far without my shopping spree, so I'll just keep plugging along.

  7. Here Here Ashley! I have to admit it felt great just to make this list and put it out there. It eased up my wants a little. Gotta do this more often!

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