Sunday, January 2, 2011


i love glitter- so what?!

I love glitter so and I'm so glad it's found in such abundance in clothes, cards, bags, EVERYTHING right now!! 2011 is going to be so good.

This polaroid is my first entry to a Flickr group I am excited to participate in - The Saturdays Of 2011.  Pretty simple- take a picture on Saturday and post it to the Flickr group!  Groups like these and photo projects are really great motivators to keep shooting especially during the Winter when every part of me just wants to hibernate like a bear.

Just wanted to say a quick hello.  I am hoping to have a fun tutorial up in the days to come.  I just have to wait for the sun to show up to take some quick photos for it :)

Cheers and Happy 2011!


  1. glitter is fabulous!

    happy 2011. love your spirit!

  2. Love glitter too!!!
    Wishing you a happy, sweet and serene year.

    PS: I just joined the group too. Such a good idea:)

  3. What a great shot! I joined the Saturdays of 2011 group too. I took my photo with my 35mm camera so I have to wait for it to be developed.

  4. how whimsical!

    this is reminding me to blow the dust off my polaroid and get shooting!

  5. Thank you ladies for all your lovely messages and warm 2011 greetings!! I can't wait to see what we all post on Saturdays!

    Ashley- I'm working on a post on how to develop your own black and white- if you're interested keep your eyes peeled it should be up within a day or two!