Friday, January 21, 2011


scrabble heart polaroid 4x5 card

I am very excited about my line of polaroid heart cards. I've been wanting to create these for quite some time now and am so happy with the result.  Each of them inspired by a friend of mine (and I'm sure you ladies know who you are) so they are very near and dear to me. I'm super stoked to share them especially with Valentines Day right around the corner!

I am writing this because I just read about this very sweet community service Etsy is putting on. They are asking people to create Valentine's Day cards and to send them to the Etsy Labs. Etsy employees will give all the cards they receive to lonely little seniors in New York. If you have just a few minutes to make a card or two please do! A card can mean so much to someone who is lonely. If you don't have time to make a card, you can use the discount code "xoheart" in my shop and receive 20% off of your order. Additionally from now until February 4th for every card sold in my shop I will send a card to Etsy for this sweet cause. You can read more about what Etsy is doing here.

I have some VERY exciting updates to share tomorrow!


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  1. this such a sweet thing to do!
    waiting for the updates ;)