Monday, August 1, 2011


au revoir juillet, au revoir expiring film

July. Gone already. Summer months are my absolute favorite. I love the sun kissing my shoulders, seeing everyone on picnics, kite flying and swimming. The carefreeness of Summer is much missed during the miserable cold months ahead. I absolutely dread Winter in Chicago. I shouldn't start fretting just yet, it's still wonderfully summery out here and I will be embarking on a little trip to Florida Thursday! Beaches, here I come!

July brought me:

- the funnest time I've had at the festival I work for yet!
- Polaroid Week on Flickr! A feast for the eyes.
- the passing of our cute bunny, Zooey.
- a really fun outing with Lindsay and Emily.
- a print exchange! I am so excited to see the results of that.
- the realization that the stash of Polaroid film I have is on it's way out. It's time to quit hoarding and start shooting it before it's all just gone bad.
- a wonderful exchange in the post between Juli and I!
- some really fun posts on Words To Shoot By (including the latest that just came out today- Space!)
- a fun movie night out with my friend Linn. The kind that makes you glad for girlfriends...and Ryan Gosling.
- a visit from the least high maintenance of visitors, Ms. Daniela...which resulted in jaunts around the city, a much needed beach day and a date with Blonde Redhead!

I'm sure there is much I'm forgetting. I love you Summer. Please don't go!

August holds shooting some fun weddings, the aforementioned trip to Florida (a mix of business and fun), a revamping of my website and hopefully a new blog project. What's August shaping up like for you?!



  1. July sounds like it was wonderfully exciting for you! (Aside from poor Zooey. *hugs*) I hope August holds many wonderful things for you. :D I'm planning on enjoying the last bits of summer as much as possible this next month. I too dread winter, though winter here is less cold and snow and more just grey and grey and more grey.

  2. Ashley. It's hard for me to remember to enjoy Summer while it's here instead of dreading Winter. It just makes such a lasting negative impact on me! I think grey is truly the worst part! I've gotten acclimated to the cold by now it's just the lack of sunshine and the dirty snow that make me feel like I'm living in some post apocalyptic world. At any rate, here's to Summer while we've still got it! XO