Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hey y'all my camera collection made it to the Flickr Blog! No big deal. This picture is a few years old and some of the cameras pictured have moved on to better homes and in turn I have added a few more goodies to the collection. Maybe I'll retake this picture soon!

What are some of your favorite cameras in your collection?


  1. Whoa, look at all those beauties! I haven't photographed my "collection" in over a year, and I've added a bunch ... But here's my most recent pic:

  2. I recently found a batch of prints from my Lomo. Haven't used it in years. That's one of my favs. Looks wise, you can't beat the old SX-70. It's a work of art. Function wise I love my Nikon SLRs. They're like an extension of my hand when I'm in the zone.

  3. Cool! You are a superstar. :)

    I've never even photographed my whole collection at once. Maybe one day...

  4. Wow Jess I'm impressed that you went as far as to name the cameras! I'm going to steal your little idea for the next time I shoot all my beauts! You've got quite the collection!

    Michael I think I saw one of those photos on instagram. So cute! The lomo is on my wishlist for sure!

    Juli, get outta town! You should totally photograph your collection for voyeurs like me!

  5. First off... Congrats on being on the Flickr blog!
    Second.. Holy. Cow. That is a lot of cameras. I think I'm turning green with envy!
    Third... I'm showing this photo to my husband so he knows what he's in for some day.

  6. Ashley you are hilarious! Because we live in such a tiny space I've had to cut back on my camera collection but luckily for me we have a storage unit! Mua ha ha !