Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have come upon that stage in my life where I can no longer just eat what I want without feeling the effects of it on my body. I think I have entered this stage a year ago but have been in a certain kind of denial about it. As my body keeps "changing" in ways that completely freak me out I think I am going to have to make positive changes to my eating habits and the very dreaded....exercise...dun dun dun!

I think I'll start walking and then bike riding. Very rudimentary I know but even walking for 30 minutes  straight will surely put my body into shock. It's going to be so confused. Where's the computer? Where's the Coca-Cola? Why are we walking when we can take the bus?

Yeahhhhhh. I come!


  1. I hate those body changes. I used to be able to eat anything, now... not so much.
    I just started exercising (again. I restart every few months, 'cause I fall off the wagon.) It was going well until this week. Now I'm off the wagon again and trying to convince myself of the motivation to get back on.

    My problem is a I dislike organized group exercise. And I find running boring. What worked for me was this iPhone app I downloaded, totally free, called Nike Training Center. It has some really great workouts and because I can do them at home I can ease myself into it at my own pace rather than pushing to keep up with everyone and then being unable to move for a week!

  2. I need to download that app. I'm going to do it right now so I don't forget! Thank you for the heads up. I have the same trouble, finding something I actually stick to!

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