Thursday, November 3, 2011


I saw this pay phone the other day and wondered, do people use pay phones? I wonder what the going rate is for a call?

I have been rather blog happy recently, just really enjoying a mix of fashion, art and of course photography blogs! Here are a few great ways to get lost in the internet reading blogs:

Cubicle Refugee. A color curated blog of visual insanity. I love this blog.

City Sage. I love this mix up she does of a persons outfit and a room. What a cool idea!

Nectar & Light. I have loved this blog for a while now. This gal's got style, adorable little girls, a way with instant film and beautiful tattoos.

The Blue Hour. He documents his life so beautifully. Each post is cozy and inspiring.

Mackpar. All of her posts make me want to set my tiny apartment on fire and start over.

Design is Mine. I love this post with the pretty clutter.

35mm Doubles. I love joint effort blogs. This one is so great. One roll of film, double exposed by two different people!

Yours Roxanne. Look at the AMAZING instant film/illustrations this gals made. Makes my lil heart swoon.

The Impossible Project: 8 Exposures. TIP is featuring one different instant film artist each week, asking them 8 questions and showing 8 of their photos. They featured me on one of their post, take a look!

What are some of your favorite blogs lately?



  1. these are great! i am loving 35mm doubles and yours roxanne. thanks for the tips.

  2. Aren't those wonderful? Those are both, "why didn't I think of this" ideas!