Friday, November 4, 2011


Forgive the "next" in some of these images as they were almost impossible to avoid as I screen captured. 

Jamie Livingston decided one day after realizing that he had taken a photo a day every day for a month, that he would take one Polaroid a day for the rest of his life. That he did. For 18 years Jamie took a polaroid a day until the day he died. Looking through his archives, which his friends have digitized and put online, you can get a feel for what his life was like, the interesting people he came across and a glimpse into his world or the way he saw the world.

Seeing this project made me feel really sentimental. I'm not sure if it was just seeing that last photo and knowing that he died rather young of cancer the next day or thinking that this project is beautiful and loving the idea of looking into someones life via Polaroids. Jamie Livingston was basically Instagramming in 1979! What a wonderful thing, to see the world so beautifully and to have such dedication to a project.

I wish this was a book, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Take a look at Jamie Livingston's life in Polaroids or as he called his project "A Photo A Day" and be inspired!

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