Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Guess what guys, The Impossible Project is coming to CHICAGO! I am so excited to hopefully meet up with so many of you - my online friends!! This is the perfect occasion - Dave Bias, amazing photographer, ginger beard, vice president of The Impossible Project extraordinaire is coming to Chicago! There's going to be a fun little shin dig at The Vintage Photo Shop this Saturday, November 19th from 3-6pm! DO NOT MISS IT!

If you aren't familiar with The Impossible Project this is the perfect opportunity to come and have some hands on time with the films, experiment, learn from some pros and get great tips. If you are already familiar with the films come and meet some fun photographers, get a little tipsy, make some friends and have your portrait made! Word on the street is that there is going to be specials on the films and possibly the cameras as well!

So- are ya coming?!


  1. if i didn't already have my day scheduled, and if i didn't live 8 hours away, i'd totally be there!

  2. Man... things like this are why someone needs to invent teleportation. STAT!

  3. Jen - Understandable but it would be so fun to meet! You'll have to let me know if you're ever in Chicago.

  4. Ash- Seriously. We have cell phones that understand us, why can't teleportation be a reality?!