Wednesday, November 9, 2011


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Thank you all for your warm wishes on my new endeavor! Your support and such kind encouragements mean so much! I am really stoked on this! I will be making some posts with some recent wedding photos after this week.

As I've mentioned a million times before - it's my birthday week! I am SO excited to be turning 30! My twenties have been so fun but I'm looking forward to being a real grown up. I even started wearing lipstick this week - something (for some odd reason) I've always equated with being a real woman!

I know some people would rather pretend birthdays don't exist and just treat it like a normal day but I get EXCITED about my birthday. I like to celebrate it for an entire week and my family is nice enough to indulge me. This week all I can think about how my bur bur falls on 11.11.11 and I'll be 30- a very special birthday if you ask me.

That being said- it's been hard to concentrate on anything else. Not to mention I get very easily distracted by TwitterPinterest, how cute bunnies are, and the like. Do you know what's been helping me keep my sanity?  A little app called Evernote!

While I was in Florida a few weekends ago I was showing my friend Todd my favorite features of the newer Lion OS on my Macbook Pro. When I opened my laptop he literally laughed out loud at the out of control number of sticky notes I had open. I quickly defended my need to have reminders, to do lists, and a place to jot down random notes & ideas. He agreed that it's smart to stay organized but promised me there were better ways. That's when he introduced me to Evernote! Probably the best app I've downloaded other than Shake It Photo & Instagram in my entire life. It's a really cool app that lets you jot down notes with the option to have a physical box to check something off your list (whoa), it has an app you can download for your phone & iPad that syncs so you can have all your information on whichever device you chose to use! Why didn't I hear about this sooner?! There are tons of other very useful features but those are really my favorites. The best part- IT'S FREE!

This has improved my productivity immensely! What do you do to stay productive and organized?


  1. I have to admit... I'm kind of addicted to downloading to-do list and organization apps. But then I never use them! I have 6 to-do list apps, but no to-do list! I keep telling myself that I haven't found the right one... but really, maybe I should just get a pocket notebook and use that... oh wait... I collect notebooks too. Darn. I guess I'm just not productive or organized! ;)

  2. You are so funny. And cute. Would you believe I keep an actual journal? For some reason, I need write things down with pen and paper. #oldskool Yeah. I also REALLY want an iPhone 4S for my own virtual assistant otherwise known as Siri. Siriously!!!

    In other news, you need to email me your address please. Pretty please. 30th birthdays are big deals. Big deals deserving of little gifts. :)

  3. Ashley- that's hilarious! I do THE SAME THING. I have an entire drawer full of small notebooks. I have Field Notes notebooks, small cahier moleskin notebooks, a moleskin planner notebook, a poppin journal. SO MANY. I have a few to do list apps as well but Evernote is a game changer. It really is amazing. Not sure if it's a Mac only product but I'm in love.

    Jocelyn. I keep a journal too! It's really important to me to write, physically, perhaps just for the sake of nostalgia or because I know it's a place I can be kind of nasty and sad too. Haha. Definitely therapeutic to me. I don't have a 4S but I have to admit I can't think of life w/o my iPhone. Is that sad?! Gifts?! Yes please! i'll DM you my info. You're so sweet!

  4. I am glad I am not the only one who celebrates their birthday all week. I also eat a whole box of lucky charms and a whole box of honey buns. (I can only afford to feel like that once a year. )I just turned 34 last week and I am glad to know that you are pumped to be 30. I have been the happiest I have ever been in my 30's.

  5. I too am guilty of random to-do lists!!!! It drives me crazy, I was just telling my teacher when your to-do lists don't make sense, then you're in real trouble. >.< I better try this Evernote business! & Welcome to lady times! I'm going to be 35 in April...I am making this face when I say that: 0.o. or :O or >:/ just kidding, but I would not be without eye cream ever again!

  6. Mary - I keep hearing that thirties are awesome so I am very excited!! A box of Lucky Charms? Now that's a celebration!

    Mia - Haha. That's so funny, my mom keeps telling me I'd better lather up in all sorts of creams and lotions. She has such beautiful skin, I'd better listen!! I am so stoked on Evernote. The more I learn about it as I'm using it the more my heart swells with organizational glee (dorky glee)!