Thursday, January 24, 2013


Have you guys seen this calendar? It's a 365 a-page-a-day tear away calendar made up of user submitted INSTANT PHOTOS! They are perfectly Polaroid/Impossible Project sized pages with a glossy image on the front and user submitted text and information on the back.


Which is why I was so super pumped when I learned earlier this year that one of my photos was printed in it! January 3rd, which is Christopher's birthday!! It's really neat to have a photo of mine in this calendar and on such a special day, alongside of many of my instant film friends!

It looks like is still selling them at a discounted price! 

A special thanks to Jen from Painted Fish Studios for hooking me up with this years calendar! Do yourself a favor and check out her rad Etsy shop. I love these laser cut Polaroid Cards!


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