Wednesday, January 9, 2013


December went by SO quickly. I can't believe we're upon a brand New Year! 2013. That sounds so much more like the future than 2012. I have no idea why this one never posted but here it is!

In December:

- It finally started feeling like Winter in Chicago
- I must have been really good this year because the Santa's in my family made my Pinterest wish list a reality!
- Christopher & Trevor fixed our record player!
- We saw Sufjan Steven's Christmas spectacle
- My friends and I had a little Thanksgiving/Christmas get together- Thanxmas!
- Rachel & I went on a few photo adventures
- The Impossible Project released Gold Edition Frames (my favorite!!!)
- I was stoked to put together another Instant Film calendar for my Etsy!
- We re-arranged our living room! Isn't it incredible what moving around a few things can do to a room?
- I finally finished Twin Peaks and watched Fire Walk With Me. Next up, The Shining!
- Christopher and I got hooked on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (and I have a miniature crush on Charlie)
- A BelAir and LC-A+ made their way into my life. I'm VERY excited about these two guys!
- I started posting a lot more of my images online. I'm really good at sitting on my pictures but I thought it was time to let them go! I'll be posting both on Flickr & Tumblr, so follow me there, if you're into that sort of thing!
- Flickr made a come back among a lot of people, something I've very excited about as it's been one of my favorite websites for years!
- We accidentally, kind of sort of...stole a dog
- I found out that I'm going to be a part of The Impossible Project's Make Your Mark exhibit in both New York & Vienna! I am SO pumped/honored/beside myself!


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