Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This beautiful photo used with permission from Emilie Lefellic- one of my favorite Polaroid photographers!

Next month my mom and I are going to be cat sitting.....IN PARIS! I am SO excited! I have wanted to go to Paris for so long and I can't think of a better Mother / Daughter destination than the City of Light! When our friend posted on Facebook that she needed someone to stay in their apartment to watch over their cat my Mom and I jumped at the opportunity for an awesome adventure together!

I. can't. wait.

Much like any trip I go on, I have to make the difficult choice of what cameras / films to bring. I'm thinking I'll bring my future Polaroid 195 (so excited to receive this camera from Rare Medium), Polaroid 680, LC-A + and possibly the Horizon. And all those special edition Impossible Project films, Polaroid 669 / Chocolate / Blue film I've been hoarding- it's all been for this very trip!!

Now comes the planning! We welcome any and all recommendations! Food, shopping, sights to see, what shouldn't be missed, what to pack, what not to pack. Help me pass the time between now and August 19th! We will need a place to stay for one night, so any recommendations on hotels or at least areas to look in are also welcome! 

What are you favorite things to do / see in Paris?!


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  1. What an awesome opportunity! I hope you both have a fantastic time! :D