Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Our little tree

Blog! I've been so wonderfully busy lately with my shop (and the huge sale I'm having! - head over and get 40% your entire purchase with this code "xoblog").  I love love love putting together little packages, making sure the calendars, cards and prints look great and thinking about how exciting it is to receive mail.  I do not love the actual post office experience however the APC machine is a modern miracle in my opinion.  They should have those next to Redbox.

I have been thrilled with the prospects of winter projects lately.  I bought a binding machine for a special project I am working on for my shop but I am also excited to make all kinds of little books with my machine! I just can't wait to start.  So far my favorite ideas are to make a book of my all time favorite cell phone pictures (both received and taken), a book of polaroids (of course) and I really want to make a few story books for my little nieces.  Do you have any other book ideas for me?

This past weekend I sold at my first two craft fairs ever.  It went great.  It was really fun to see people's reactions to my goods, especially the older folks who could fondly remember using Polaroid films and cameras.  It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that something that brings me so much joy to create can bring equal joy to another person!  Additionally a shop is going to sell my cards! I never even considered having the courage to approach a brick and mortar store and asking them to carry my cards but in this case they asked me and I am happily going to deliver in just a few days.  I'll post some pictures and a link when I do! I am so excited.

What is exciting you these days? The snow and hot cocoa?  All the festive lights?  The prospect of Christmas treats?



  1. What exciting news! This is fantastic, congratulations!!!

  2. you sound so busy and full of life! how wonderful! and i love the photo with this post :)

  3. Thank you ladies! I am super excited as well. I'll post pictures of a display of sorts if I can make one in the shop. It's a really cool place. I hope you're both having a lovely and festive holiday.

  4. Re: book ideas: your writing is beautiful, your thoughts so real - you should do a book with your thoughts...i'll call it poetry, especially the stuff like the blog "i'm feeling somber..."