Thursday, December 23, 2010



Thank you all for your warm responses to my previous post.  I really appreciate the time people take for complete strangers.  Life can be so beautiful. Thank you for the reminder!

It's too early for me to think in complete thoughts so please accept a post in list format.

- I am loving this idea and photographer. I need to physically print more of my photos out.  
- Today I hope to develop a few rolls of b&w that I've shot in the past few weeks.  I hope to do this more consistently in the new year.
- Did you realize it's going to be the year of the RABBIT in 2011?  I'll just take that as my year. Please and thank you.
- Dropped my cards and calendars off at a brick and mortar store in Wicker Park last night! I'm going to go back in a few days to take pictures of the display and will of course post that here.  I am so excited! I never thought my cards would be in stores.
- Christmas isn't really just a few days away is it?  Still doesn't feel like it.
- Is it incredibly dorky that I get really excited about ordering things in the thousands from Uline? (it is isn't it?)
- Yesterday I received the owire I've been waiting for. Book making here I come!
- Today I hope to take pictures to accompany the tutorial I mentioned a few posts ago.  The tutorial will also be made into a book.  I might be book crazy for the next few months. 

I hope everyone is having a lovely time of the year spent with friends, family or whatever it is that you find cozy.  



  1. Merry Christmas to you and the ones you love!

  2. Just discovered your blog...adore all your photography posted here! Such visual delights*

  3. the diana mini is unpredictable.
    i got a bit tired of it, because you have absolutely no control but the double exposures are a lot of fun.
    hope your christmas was joyful!

  4. Elisabelle my Christmas was joyful indeed. It is so fun to watch my little nieces faces light up when given pandas, princess toys and all sorts of little goodies!

    Thanks for the heads up on the diana. I'm always on the lookout for discounted cameras on craigslist and I'll put this one in my queue.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Lenre! Welcome and thank you for your lovely comment :) Happy New Year!