Saturday, December 18, 2010


My lips are so incredibly chapped.  Nothing seems to make them better.  I can only lather so much Aquaphor on my lips! Does anyone have a cure for me? Please.

Things continue to be busy.  Even though I know Christmas is just days away it still doesn't feel quite like it yet.  I'm hoping I'll wake up and it'll hit me because I want to be excited but it's just not happening this year.  I do love having Christmas lights up, seeing pretty wrapped presents, enjoying Christmas treats but then things like the obligation of buying gifts (something I think should be done out of the overflow of your heart not because it's demanded by a holiday), Christmas commercialism, the frenzied look on peoples faces when you venture out to stores- these things put such a distaste in my mouth for the holiday.  At least everything looks pretty or cute and tacky right?

Lately I've been excited about:

- snow flakes
- a tutorial I'm working
- developing two rolls of film
- shooting more 35mm film (gotta be conservative with whats left of my 600)
- Dove Winter Care bar soap
- ideas for new projects for my etsy shop (40% off my entire shop until Sunday! with code- xoblog)
- the prospect of ringing in the new year with my best friend!
- all the lovely new blogs I've been reading
- writing more

What's been making you feel warm and fuzzy inside?


  1. definitely meeting my new niece in less than a week!!!

  2. the commercialism of this time of year is very sad and almost 'ruins' christmas for me, but i won't allow it.

    this year, i look forward to a very quiet christmas at home, just the 3 of us- mom, dad, and our almost 5 year old amazing daughter.

    love your photo :)

  3. Elisabelle- I bet you're so excited. Nieces are the bestest.

    Kitchu- That sounds like a great, serene way to celebrate Christmas!!
    Happy Holidays blog friends!

  4. so hard to stay warm and fuzzy in this weather!

    oh for your chapped lips, i hiiighly recommend this: in the original flavor. it works wonders.

  5. Thank you Alice for the recommendation. At this point I just need SOMETHING to keep my lips together! They are wavering in winter! happy Holidays!