Saturday, December 4, 2010


First Snow

Feeling somber, even though it is a beautiful snow wonderland outside.  It's so easy for me to spiral when I feel sad.  Luckily it is usually a short lived emotion/feeling/whatever you would call it.  Sometimes life is so  heavy and real I feel that I can barely breath. I can't understand. I can't change things.  It's just this joy/mystery/weight/ and it's so real.

Feeling helpless to something is such a horrible feeling.  Remembering how each day is not promised is the sobering thought that usually helps me get out of this funk.  There's little time to drown in sorrows because tomorrow isn't promised.  I know.  Let's keep breathing, keep trying, keep living.

I love you World even though sometimes you can be so grey and bleak.  You mask hope, You make situations a complete mystery, You weigh my heart to the ground.


  1. "There's little time to drown in sorrows because tomorrow isn't promised."

    how true these words are and just what i needed to read today. thank you.

  2. I found this through Jess Hibb's Flickr page (and also a Chicagoan). Glad to see I'm not the only one who was a little melancholy on Saturday. I've got a lot to be thankful for and sometimes it's good to feel sad every now and again to keep things in perspective. Look forward to your tips on how to get out of a creative funk.

  3. Michael, I love your blog. Thank you for posting and bringing it to my attention. How are you liking that pack film?! I have never gone down that path but am very interested.

    I also have so much to be thankful but sometimes, you just have one of those days. You're right the weighty days make those light and fluffy days so much more fulfilling.

  4. Azuree, I'm honored you like my site - your work is wonderful and inspiring.

    I'm still working my way through a pack of Fuji instant film and then I'll be able to try my Impossible film. Can't wait!

  5. Michael, let me know if you post the results online! I'd love to see!