Sunday, December 12, 2010


Happy holidays! I'm going to make a real post tomorrow (promise) but in the meantime head on over to the shoppe and pick up a 2011 Polaroid Calendar for that photo lover in your life at 40% off!  Just use coupon code- xoblog !

I hope everyone is having peaceful days during this uber busy time of the year.



  1. Azuree, how are you? I am fellow photographer who is just starting out. I found you through poppytalk handmade. I love your photos. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind divulging where you get you photos printed and scanned? It looks like they do a good job and I am in the market.

  2. Hello there! Congrats on taking that step towards creating and putting it out into the world. What are you going to be making?

    I scan my own polaroids with a scanner with no in scanner presets so that they look just how I want them.

    As far as printing goes, I was unsure what to do when I decided to start my Etsy up. I wanted to be sure to print on archival papers with archival inks so I splurged and bought myself an Epson 3880 (large format printer). It is pricey and so are the inks but I love that I can offer the best prints that aren't mass produced.

    I know that's not really the best advice, it's just what I've done. If you have any more questions please feel free to email me- me [at] azureewiitala [dot] com .

    Thank you for leaving a comment!