Thursday, December 13, 2012


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you know that last week Christopher found a dog in our yard. We brought him in, since he had a collar and seemed to have an owner he just got separated from. We called all the numbers on the tag to no avail. After spending an hour or two with him and seeing how relaxed and sweet he was we knew he had an owner out there that was probably devastated to have lost such a cute dog!

Before deciding to take him to the vet to see if he was microchipped I asked Christopher if we could please keep him we couldn't find his owners. Christopher told me not to get attached, but I couldn't help myself and we needed something to call him while we had him anyway, so we came up with Salinger Archibald. It's a truly fitting name for this dog. A trip to the vet to check on his microchip was fruitless. Sal wasn't registered so our options were to keep him until the morning and figure it out then or to let Animal Control come and take him, which was a scary option.

We brought Sal back to the house, took some photos of him and hung out until he started whining and standing by the door. We figured that maybe he needed to go out to the bathroom so Christopher took him out for a walk. After sometime had passed, I heard the door open and Christopher returned, no dog in tow. I asked what had happened to Archie and he said he had walked around the our block a little bit and eventually he kind of walked Christopher over to a house and ran right up the steps. Christopher rang the door bell and much to the surprise of a woman and her son, their dog was standing there with a stranger! She asked Christopher how he got the dog and he explained the whole situation. Turns out that his name was Rocky and that he lives...get the yard of the house directly across the street from us! His owners hadn't even noticed he was gone!! Somehow Rocky had escaped and Christopher unknowingly kidnapped the dog!

I was pretty sad seeing as finding a dog in our front yard seemed like a Christmas miracle, but glad that we could return the pup to his owners. Luckily we still have our two bunnies to love and dote over and man alive, are they super cute!!

Just wanted to give those interested a little update on our funny story!


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  1. Glad to hear he found his family again. But it's kind of too bad you weren't able to keep him. He sure is a handsome dog. Of course, we wouldn't have wanted Franny and Seymour to get jealous.